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Closely associated with the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, the Academic Alliance is bringing together major law schools and research universities around the world for the purpose of building a community around the uses of blockchain technology in the business of law. The Mission of the Academic Alliance is to foster a closer relationship among industry, academia and technology communities.

It takes a community of students, educators, developers, and industry leaders who research, design and craft technology solutions to bring blockchain to life. In support of this community, we proudly present the Academic Alliance, in partnership with Integra Inc. and the Global Blockchain Consortium.


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The Integra Academic Alliance is designed to facilitate and strengthen the important symbiotic relationships with the legal and blockchain communities. Recognizing education’s important role within this community, we are proud to offer a unique opportunity for your institution to access benefits intended to enhance the student experience, promote program growth, and bring attention to the great work that you do relating to blockchain technologies.

Benefits include project and research opportunities, participation in advisory groups, program events and global exposure for member institutions.

Membership in the Academic Alliance connects you directly with our community of top educators, developers, and students, as well as a network of outstanding participants in the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium and allows you to participate in great blockchain events across the globe.

Your participation within the Alliance is determined by how we can best add value to your institution as well as your capacity for reciprocal participation in mutually beneficial efforts to support the community.

We are excited to offer your institution the opportunity to join the Integra Academic Alliance today.

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benefits of membership

Cross-institutional collaboration is essential to effectively refine legal blockchain research on a global scale.

In 2017, Integra Ledger founded the Academic Alliance, a global forum for academic institutions to come together, share their high value work, highlight their progress, and discuss the challenges they have faced.

Opportunities with technology and the Internet appear to have no limit. Academia is often at the forefront of expanding our ever-evolving digital universe. As new ground is forged and the benefits of distributed ledger technology are enhanced, the academy has an opportunity to lead by example in ensuring that a scholarly body of literature supports research into global legal blockchain standards and protocols.

The Academic Alliance is a global network of non-profit colleges and universities committed to driving a blockchain research agenda forward.


The opportunity to interact and work directly with the leading companies, organizations, and individuals in legal blockchain tech;


The ability to provide strategic direction to the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium through review of standards and protocols as well as operational and governance policies;


Participation in the Integra Ledger working groups, interest groups and business groups that are shaping the tech that supports the legal industry;


Demonstrating research leadership through a commitment to ensure the vitality of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium;


Access to the world’s experts on the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium standards and policy.  It will be hard to beat conversations with Alliance partners as a way to learn in depth how the Integra Ledger infrastructure works, and how to make it better;

Forum For Ideas

The Academic Alliance is an open forum for the exchange of ideas and technology solutions, giving researchers insights from around the world; and

Bridge From Research

The Academic Alliance will help research organizations establish a bridge from their innovations to industry implementation.

If blockchain technology teaches us one all-important lesson, it’s that we are more successful when we work together.

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  • Top Law Schools
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  • Renown Developers
  • A Network of Dedicated Law Firms
  • Industry Professionals with Inside Knowledge of Blockchain Technology
  • Other Top Schools

All academic institutions are invited to join the Academic Alliance, by registering their institution through the membership submission form below.

Membership Requirements

include the following:

  1. Approval by your institution’s leader (Dean, CMO, President, etc.) or your department chair
  2. Implement at least 1 value improvement project (VIP) in your law school annually
  3. Link to the Academic Alliance website
  4. Participate by recognizing Alliance events on social media channels, holding online discussions, hosting a meetup, sponsoring student challenges, or sharing tips in campus publications.

For more information: contact Amy ter Haar, [email protected]

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The rapid development and implementation of blockchain technologies has already begun to disrupt and revolutionize the financial system, among other industries. While blockchain developers have been busy creating cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and enhancing transparency, the law is only beginning to catch up in its consideration of the proper treatment of these issues.

To align the opportunity to get informed about what’s going on, who’s involved and the emerging opportunities and challenges in this rapidly evolving area, academic legal institutions are invited to become partners in the Integra Ledger Global Academic Alliance, a consortium working to advance high value community through collaborative quality improvement, research and education. Through cross-institutional collaboration, we can expand successful initiatives, identify the methods most likely to modify law, and lead large-scale improvements across the globe.

There is no cost to join.

join the academic alliance to:

Connect with government, academic, and nonprofit partners committed to increasing research of distributed ledger technologies

Obtain blockchain tips, messaging, articles, and presentations

Attend events focused on building a community of research in distributed ledger technology

Access blockchain resources, tools, and subject matter experts

Join monthly partner discussions highlighting current blockchain issues and trends

Exchange ideas and resources with other organizations involved with the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

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